Lyric comes home from the club drunk and seduces Estaban, who loves every moment of it. Patience tells Ana Marie about Hunter meeting a woman on the Internet. Ana Marie asks why Patience and Hunter cannot work things out but Patience insists that their situation is vastly different from Ana Marie and Taariq’s. Maricruz meets John in a diner and confronts him about using her to get to Lyric. He tries to deny it but Maricruz tells him that she had planned to stop seeing him anyway. She is in love with Randall. Grayson picks Patience’s campaign over Kerrigan’s and Kerrigan is livid. Taariq tells Reaction that he no longer plans to perform with her and she yells at him in a demeaning way, which he shrugs off. The Syndicator comes to the rescue and makes Reaction feel a lot better in his car in the alley. Trinity invites Estaban over to find out why she has a throbbing between her legs. He rejects her advances. Patience, Ana Marie and Taariq run into Hunter as they leave a therapist appointment. Hunter tries to plead with Patience for another chance but she refuses. Jade asks Nathan for a committed relationship. John comes to Lyric’s office, upset about Maricruz, and tells her that he plans to tell Estaban everything. Estaban overhears them arguing as he comes down the hallway. Jade asks Patience if she is Zane; there are way too many coincidences in The Sex Chronicles, which Jade has now read from cover to cover.